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Local Search Marketing

Could You Use More Customers?

What Local Search Marketing Does
Great local search marketing brings new customers to your door. It increases your visibility with your current and prospective customers. It encourages people to develop relationships with your business and to think of you as their go-to provider.

One Killer Mistake
One killer mistake that businesses make in tough economic times is cutting back on advertising. (Read more about this deathtrap and how to avoid it.) Your local search marketing campaign is an investment in your bottom line. It may cost less than you think to tap the enormous potential of the new local search market.

Who Are You?
What does the internet reveal about your business? More than 89% of offline businesses say that their customers perform research online before visiting their stores. Are you in charge of your web presence, or are you letting whatever happens happen? (Hint: Being in charge is best for your balance sheet.)

Is Your Business Keeping Pace?
More than half of all local searches are done on mobile devices. Nearly three-quarters of shoppers seek and trust the reviews of other buyers when deciding on a purchase. Are you keeping pace with your customers online, or are you losing them to your web-savvy competitors?

Success Strategies
Our expert analysis of your business and market ensures that you invest only in the most successful online strategies. We offer free consultations so that you have critical information before you begin.

Once your current situation is established, we’re available to develop and implement a local search marketing campaign for you that fits your business like a glove.

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